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Why Choose Heredia?|Living in Costa Rica

Are you fond of nature? Do you love relaxing on a beach, the continuous, odorous breezes kissing your face smoothly and giving you one of the most beautiful experiences on earth? Who wouldn’t like to buy adventures for hiking, whitewater rafting, horse riding and mountain tour biking with one ticket? Yes, you heard it right. Here in Heredia, all these things and much more are available in just one pass. 

Heredia is the capital city of the Heredia province in Costa Rica, Known as a dream destination for expats from around the world. The climate features warm temperatures that never get too hot. This place is what you deserve. Hosting a university, Heredia supports a young and vibrant population of students.

Cost of living

Most expats will tell you Heredia is affordable if you follow some simple spending rules. For example, preferring local foods and shopping at the ferias (farmers markets), over cuisines from expensive restaurants, bargaining before taking a cab, choosing night travels over the day because tickets are available at reduced costs, you can effectively save cost. As anywhere in Central America, if you live like a tourist you will spend more money.

Things to do in Heredia

Have a quick go through our list of some fantastic places in Heredia that you don’t want to miss.

  • Barva Basilica

Built-in 1767, this stately church is surrounded by a red courtyard and a grotto devoted to the Virgin of Lourdes. Be sure to visit other historic buildings in Barva, such as the old post office, etc.

  • El Fortin

It is a historically significant and a worthy place to visit. The old fort, built-in 1876 by Heredia Governor Fadrique Gutierrez, was one of the most famous monuments in the town. Gutierrez’s enthusiasm for art and military history is seen in the brick building, and although it can appear intimidating, he incorporates numerous structural faults, including rear peepholes. Fortin never saw the fight, fortunately. Check out this place to visualize their history a bit deeper.

  • Casa de la Cultura

This Cultural House, interred in 1843 in the house of the former president of the Costa Rican Coffee Barons, Alfredo Gonzalez Flores. It takes you back to the president’s time and lets you see their culture and art more engagingly. The house also holds art exhibits and other cultural activities with antique tile floors and traditional architecture. It is an actual demonstration of their history and culture.

  • Braulio Carrillo National Park

This landscape is naturally beautified by volcanoes, shining streams of water, and deep rain-forests. The park is about 119,000 acres and is home to the Barva volcano. You will also find plenty of mammal species and bird watching opportunities there.

  • Cerro Dantas wildlife refuge

Situated along the south-west boundary of Braulio Carrillo National Park, this private refuge of 170 hectares features primary and secondary cloud forests. It also offers unique fauna watching and thousands of walking paths perfect for beginners and seasoned walkers alike.

  • Monte de la Cruz

The diversity of Heredia never ceases to amaze its visitors, providing them plenty of opportunities to enjoy and relax. These 37 hectares protected area lies five miles north of San Rafael with rustic roads, cloud forests, and birding. Wear warm clothing, because here you can experience cold temperatures.

Come live and see the true beauty of Heredia. The people of Heredia are hospitable and energetic. This culturally rich place will provide you one of the best experiences of your life.

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