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Why Choose Grecia?|Living in Costa Rica

Grecia is located in a scenic mountain chain in Costa Rica, which is perfect for those who dream about living abroad. It’s a small community with so many natural and big attractions that are never too crowded. It’s like a dream come true destination as many of us prefer to spend our lives in peace. This beautiful town is just 20 minutes away from Alajuela with mountains, beaches, and valleys providing you the perfect reason to live here.

A fun fact about this place is that it was voted, the cleanest town in Latin America, which, of course, counts as a positive point. Grecia is full of friendly people, who welcome you to join their community.

Cost of living:

The cost of living here is cheaper due to being a farming town. Even the tourists here enjoy the cheap meals and accommodations. There are small retail stores here as well as cinemas and some of your favorite fast food joints such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell will make some expats feel more at home. If you moved to leave those behind, don’t worry, there is still plenty of local restaurants to choose from.

As in other area of Costa Rica household help can be found for a good price. In Grecia for around, $3 to $4 per hour which is slightly lower than some areas in Costa Rica.

Things to do

Explore the Feria (The farmer’s market)

As an expat, these markets are where you can meet  others and find cheap fruits and vegetables along other essentials.

You can go out on the town

Do you know that there is an increased population of expats here? You can meet and greet around town and enjoy some quality time by making new friends at Grecia’s fun nightlife.

Take a hike

Grecia offers some of the best trails for adventure lovers where they can enjoy the views of mountains and valleys.

Spoil yourself with a variety of restaurant options

Even though it’s a small community, you will find many restaurants offering the best traditional and international cuisine. So, you can spoil your taste buds and enjoy the cheaper meals living here.

Visit the museums

Grecia is known for its variety of snake species, and if you are fond of it, then you must visit the World of Snakes. It is just a mile out of Alajuela, where you will find more than 50 species on display. There is a butterfly arena and other museums as well, which is a must-visit during your stay.

Cathedral de la Mercedes

This beautiful red building, is the most famous church in Grecia, made from sheets of metal. The material brought from Belgium in the 1890’s . A lot of tourists come here to visit and see the interiors of the church, which is, of course, splendid. It’s a must that you witness this Gothic architectural site.

Choosing Grecia can be the perfect choice for you and your dream of living in Costa Rica. Pack your bags and start planning your move to Grecia.

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