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Leaving Loved Ones Behind

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Leaving loved ones behind|Expat Fear Series

When it comes to our fears, the unknown may be the scariest of all. Many have thought once or twice of moving and living abroad, only stopped by their own minds. What is it about the fear of traveling or moving to another country that stops us and what can we do about it? We’ve surveyed and found what held many expats back for years until finally, they overcame the anxiety of leaving home and living abroad. Let’s look at those fears of leaving loved ones behind.

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Most people said the number one reason for deciding against moving to another country was leaving loved ones behind. We fill our everyday lives with family and friends who make us feel comfortable and when it comes down to it; we like the security it makes us feel. The fear of leaving behind elderly family members or grandkids can be a deciding factor.

living abroad

For the ones who did leave loved ones behind, would it surprise you to know they see their family almost as much or more than before? That’s because their visits now are longer and planned with more purpose. Instead of meeting for dinner on a Friday night, now many families spend as much as one or two weeks together. Think of it like a vacation with holidays spent together over several days without the rush.

leaving loved ones behind

Another issue with having family so far away is the fear of not being able to respond during emergencies. The truth is, living in another country during this modern age, is not much different from living on the east coast of the U.S. and having people we care about on the west coast. Flights from Central America can have you back home in a matter of hours anywhere in North America and within a day for Europe. Did you know a flight from Belize City to Houston, Texas is only 2 1/2 hours? That’s shorter than some commutes.

Living abroad

In closing, don’t let fear of leaving loved ones behind keep you from moving to another country. Thousands of expats have made the change and swear they spend more meaningful time with family members now than ever. Join us as we continue in our series of what keeps us from living our dreams of becoming expats and dispelling those fears.

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