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Bird Watching Paradises of Central America

Birding Club of Costa Rica

A private group providing birding lovers support for more than 20 years in Costa Rica. Membership is required, but this organization shares extensive information on Costa Rican birding

Costa Rican Bird Route

“The Costa Rican Bird Route is being implemented to promote the conservation of bird habitat and the biological diversity within the San Juan – La Selva Biological Corridor and to improve bird tourism in the northern region of Costa Rica. This project protects the last remaining habitat of the endangered Great Green Macaw, the second largest parrot in the world, and provides the best opportunity in the world to see this species.”

Belize Bird Conservancy Oganization

“The mission of the Belize Bird Conservancy is to conserve birds in their habitat across Belize through on-the-ground scientific research, education, advocacy, and collaborations…”

Belize Audubon Society

“As Belize’s oldest and largest conservation NGO, Belize Audubon Society proudly protects more than 180,000 acres across Belize.”

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