Sunday, May 26

Where To Live In Belize

I personally fell in love with Belize ten years ago on a trip with my wife. It is rare we agree on things, but Belize was one we did. We have spent quite a bit of time here over the past few years and have learned you never really learn everything about this young and beautiful country. Lets take a look at where to live in Belize.

A Nation of Many

Made up of many different cultures, Belize has become a blend of its many peoples. Creole, Maya, Garifuna, Mennonites, Indian, Chinese, Central American immigrants and even expats from many countries made Belize what it is today. A rich culture, that some outsiders try and change, (please don’t try), but it holds steady to its own beliefs.

Slow Boogie

Belize is a country that is never in a hurry. If you are used to rigid schedules and become easily upset when your repairman shows late, this is not the place for you. “Belize time” is not only a phrase, it is an art form to be cherished. If it is ever abandoned it will become like any other stressed out country. Thankfully, this laid back life remains strong.

An Adventurous Life

This small country has enough to keep you busy for years. When not enjoying the dozens of things to do on the beach and on the water, one can go into the interior and enjoy some of the most raw jungle around and thousands of creatures in the world. Sustainable living and permaculture building is at some of its greatest in Belize.

Are you Ready?

If you love nature and a simple life, Belize may be the place for you. Be careful though, many people think they are ready for this life and find they cannot leave some of their old luxuries behind. You must learn patience to live in Belize, but that is part of giving up the instant gratification some of us have grown accustomed to over time.

Finding Where to Live in Belize

We recommend visiting before permanently moving and especially buying property. Don’t just rent in one town either. There are many long term and short term rentals all across Belize. Below are a few spots to check out on your learning journey. In each place you will meet others like yourselves, who will be more than helpful in your pursuit of finding the best place for you. Not everyone is the same. The good news is, Belize has different types of areas to choose from, with a shift in culture at each stop.

Near the Coast