Sunday, May 26

Internet Providers by Country

What would we do without internet? The internet has allowed us, not only to stay in touch will loved ones across the world, but has revolutionized the way we can work. After Covid-19 showed many companies that jobs can be performed remotely, we think even more opportunities will open for people to live a more adventurous life abroad

Digital Nomads

For a few years now, the expat community has become more than just retirees living in paradise. People working remotely for another company or working for themselves, realized if they could work from and apartment in Chicago, they could work from anywhere. In walks the digital nomad. Those who have dared to lead the way into the expat life and make a living on their computers and phones anywhere they wish to call home.

The progress of Technology

The internet has come a long way over the last few years in Central American countries. To work remotely, reliable internet service is a necessity and internet providers have answered the bell with quality service in Central America. Below are links for each country with a list of providers. We will update when we are notified of other services available.

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