Friday, July 12

Best Places To Live In Panama

For those thinking of living abroad, Panama has been a popular choice for many like you. Here, we will discuss this wonderful country and where to live in Panama.

What do you know of Panama? Probably, you’ve heard of the Panama canal and if your a history buff, have seen documentaries or read about the great engineering feat. Back then, is was not much more than a mosquito infested slice of land squeezed between the Caribbean and Pacific oceans.

How things have changed. Panama today has been transformed into one, if not the strongest economies in the region. The canal has made it an area of commerce and has allowed businesses such as banking and finance to flourish. With its political and economic stability, Panama has become an area leader.

Whether dreaming of living abroad in a modern dwelling in a populated area such as Panama City, or in the mountainous regions around places like Boquete, Panama may be for you.

Las Tablas
Santa Fe
Panama City
Bocas del Toro