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Why Choose Bucaramanga?|Living in Colombia

Bucaramanga, Colombia, is the capital city of the department of Santander Colombia. The city is a dream city. Think of anything you wish to have in your dream city, Bucaramanga has it and even more. It is not at all surprising to know that this picturesque city has been entitled as “The City of parks,” and some people also call it “Colombia’s Beautiful City.”

Bucaramanga, Colombia, is undoubtedly a magnet for travelers looking for a comfortable and modernized lifestyle while staying in touch with nature. It is located in north-central Colombia and has the fifth largest economy in Colombia.

Here you can find a variety of resorts and picnic spots that satisfies the tourists and foreigners with diverse tastes and likings. It is a developed and mechanized city consisting of several historical places, museums, cinemas. To quench the thirst for literature among its citizens, book festivals are also organized yearly in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

However, the most significant feature of Bucaramanga Colombiais none other than its numerous recreational parks. Some notable parks include Parque Centenario, Romero Park, Parque Santander, Parque de los Ninos, Parque García Rovira, and the list goes on. This historical city is a source of delight for history lovers with its antique temples, cathedrals, and museums.

Cost of Living

One may assume that a highly mechanized and developed city like Bucaramanga, Colombia requires a hefty budget. However, the reality is a little contrary. The town is neither too expensive nor too cheap but instead stays in the middle ground.  So, it is a nice haven for expats.

Transportation, internet facilities, and other necessities of life can be fulfilled within a limited budget. The city ensures a safe and high-quality lifestyle with its excellent infrastructure and hygienic water and food facilities. Especially the health care facilities available in the city are outstanding and extremely affordable, making it easier and safer to live in this extravagant city.

Things to Do

Bucaramanga, Colombia, is a city jam-packed with places waiting to be seen by the tourists. One just can never get enough of this city. If you have already planned to visit this spellbinding countryside, then here is a list of activities you need to give a try.


Due to the perfect and mild climate available in the city, paragliding is a common sport and activity available here.

Historic Areas (Giron)

The history of the historical town Giron situated in this city dates to the seventieth century. Why not take some time out from the hustle and bustle of the city and step into an entirely different time zone.

Visit Cathedrals and Museums

The specialty of this city is the amalgam of history with a modern lifestyle. While gawking at the delicately built ancient buildings with intricate architecture, you get to live your dream.

Taste Delectable Food of the City

Trying various local cuisines and dishes, you get to know more about the distinct culture and traditions of the city.

Bucaramanga Nightlife

It is worth mentioning that the city offers exciting nightlife. Here you will find many bars having a variety of beverages, cocktails that can make you feel how you have never felt before. You can party and enjoy your favorite music all night!

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