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Why Choose Cali?|Living in Colombia

Santiago de Cali, more commonly known as Cali, is Colombia’s third-largest city with a population of over two million. Cali, Columbiais in the west, not specifically on the beach, but Cali tourism is still strong because of its history and its many attractions. It is situated in the Cauca Valley to the west and is surrounded by mountains, with the river running through the valley.

The capital of the Valle del Cauca, the city whose attractions include tradition, vibrant cultural life, and musical rhythms that are world-famous. The music of Cali, thanks to the rich ethnic diversity of the city, is diverse, the contagious, frantic rhythm that is embodied in the culture of the country. Cali is recognized to the rest of Colombia as the “rumba Capital.” And, around the globe as the “Salsa capital” due to its signature street parties and music.

This cityis home to an active Cali expat population with plenty of opportunities to socialize and enjoy the culture of salsa dancing. Cali, Colombia is a good place for those who want to get involved in an economic sense or want to gain an education there. It has a variety of schools and is experiencing a massive economic transition that draws interest from all over the planet.

Cost of Living

Cali, Colombia, is one of the places where you get the most for your money. You can live here with the cost of living at about USD 2000/m. The low Cali cost of living is one of the benefits of living there. World-class health care is provided in an affordable range. The cost of living can be varied and accustomed according to your lifestyle and budget.

Things to Do

Zoológico de Cali

Widely known to be Colombia ‘s finest zoo, a journey to the Zoológico de Cali is a must for families and nature lovers alike. Exotic species on these vast premises include lions, giant iguanas, apes, and pink Andean flamingos.


This huge butterfly farm is an undiscovered gem just outside the city. It features over 15 elegantly colored species. A series of pretty walking paths connect through the complex. At the same time, informed guides do a captivating job explaining the life – cycle of these remarkable creatures, from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.

Iglesia de San Antonio

Iglesia de San Antonio is a quaint 18th-century church, Set on a hill to the west of the historic center, with several unique wood-carved religious artifacts. Most people come to enjoy the pleasant surrounding park, which offers excellent city views and is one of the great Cali things to do.

Barrio San Antonio

Just down from the church is the historic center of Cali, the funky San Antonio neighborhood. These beautiful historic buildings feature chic cafés, bars, and luxurious restaurants, making it the ideal spot to drink, eat and have fun

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