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Why Choose Cartagena?|Living in Colombia

The City of Cartagena is located on the northern coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region. The city enjoyed vital importance in the past due to its strategic location and was a key port for trade between Spain and other countries. As a result, it had become prey to pirates and was associated with gangs and drugs. But now, the city has emerged as a massive tourist attraction. All thanks to its interesting history, fantastic shopping experience, and excellent cuisine.

The natural scenic beauty of beaches combined with modern urban vitality makes Cartagena a top-rated place for exploration. UNESCO has also declared the city center of Cartagena and its fortifications as the World Heritage site. Moreover, convenient flight routes have served well in expanding the tourism industry. It is a lovely destination for soaking up the sun and enjoying history together. Due to all these factors, the statistics show that almost 3.1 million people visited Cartagena, Colombia, in 2018.

Cost of Living

From an expat’s perspective, Cartagena, Colombia, is a wonderful place to settle.  One of the greatest benefits will be to live a beach life in a mediocre cost. Here the climate is warm, and the population is less. The beaches are calm and quiet. Moreover, a nice selection of dine-in options is present. Major sources of income in Caragana are tourism, maritime, and petrochemicals. So, tourists are welcomed by the locals open-heartedly.

Things to Do

Here is an overview of famous spots in Cartagena, Colombia, to make your Cartagena travel more fun and exciting. We hope that following the Cartagena travel guide, you will be able to explore a lot and enjoy your time here in the best possible way.

The Clock Tower

One of the famous places to visit is the Clock Tower, which is located above the main Old City gate and demarcates the boundary of the walled city. The building is bright yellow, just like other landmarks in the city. The city wall has many steps where people like to stroll and enjoy a warm ocean breeze. The walk is pleasant to ears and eyes both as here you can listen to the waves crashing nearby and view breath-taking scenes.


While you are on your visit to Clock Tower, you will find the colorful neighborhood of Gatesmani in the south. It is a vibrant space with lively community life. Here you can enjoy street art and less expensive restaurants.  The best café is Café el Mural where you can enjoy your favorite coffee.  Gatesmani lights up at night and offers a mesmerizing view, so it is recommended to visit there during nighttime in the cool breeze.

Boca Grande

Towards the southeast of the Cartagena city, Boca Grande is located. It is the place where you can find luxury resorts and upscale hotels for a getaway weekend.

El Portal de los Dulces

Another place to venture is El Portal de Los Dulces or Sweets Street. Most of the vendors here are women. Here you can shop to your heart’s content, and you will see many setup carts that are selling local favorites such as coconut and panela cookies. If you are looking for some souvenirs to send back home, then it is a must-visit street for you.

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