Tuesday, February 27


Carazol: If you’re looking for a less expensive option in Belize, this is perhaps your best choice. Beautiful and tropical, Corozal is an exciting prospect for expats and visitors alike. Several hundred expats live full-time here with the numbers swelling during the months when it’s cold in their home countries.

Housing– Rentals are available in the Corozal District for as little as $350 a month for a small Belizean-style efficiency unit. For $500-$600 a month you can rent a modern one bedroom unit. For $750-$1000 a month you can find an attractive modern home on a large lot with a bay view to rent.

Cost of living– Corozal is not considered a tourist destination, and this is reflected in the lower cost of living. If you own your own home you can live off of $1300/month but if you rent that will increase slightly to $1700/month.

Things to do–  Lots of outdoor activities such as sailing, swimming, fishing, visiting historic Mayan sites or checking out the local museum and things going on in the local parks. Join a volunteer group or club like the Roots and Shoots Garden club, Corozal bay sailing club, Consejo shores golf group, the womens forum, etc. The Jam Rock restaurant is a popular hangout for expats and locals. Corozal Bay sailing club holds their regattas and practices here. Head to the border of Mexico to the city of Chetumal, only an half hour away, for a more Americanized shopping experience.

Bottom line–  Corozal offers a Belizean island lifestyle with a much lower price tag than other areas of Belize. This is not at the expense of beauty, charm, or ambience.

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