Tuesday, February 27

Cayo District

Cayo District- Belize’s western most district and bordering Guatemala, it is home to many of the countries inland natural wonders and parks. What it lacks in Caribbean front property, it makes it up with Mayan ruins, rivers, mountains and many parks. Important towns include Benque Viejo del Carmen and the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, with many others villages dotting the area

Housing– Rental start in the $400 to $500 range for the more spartan of persons and increasing to $1500 and up depending on luxuries required

Cost of living– Depending on activities, most need at least $600, excluding rent to live in the Cayo district. Costs can increase depending on activities enjoyed and ones need for air conditioning, which can add substantially to energy costs.  

Things to do– Many of Belize’s Mayan ruins are located in the area, such as Xunantunich and El Caracol. Parks like the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Big Rock Falls and the Belize Botanic Gardens make great day trips. Don’t forget to shop in the markets of San Ignacio when looking for awesome products. See More

Bottom line-Although many people live and travel to Belize for the Caribbean water life, the Cayo district cannot be overlooked when looking for a place to visit or live. Costs can be much lower than on the coast, yet with the size of Belize you are never too far if one needs a day at the beach. With many activities to keep you busy, this district may be made for you

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