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Why Choose Dominical?|Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific coast, renowned as the Southern Region, is a location of authentic, natural beauty. A variety of tiny coastal villages extend up and down the peninsula. Dominical is the first village that can be accessed in this zone when you’re traveling south on the southern highway.

It is suitable for those searching for a comfortable lifestyle, with modern conveniences such as high-speed communication services and stable electricity supply, as well as conveniences such as supermarkets that are filled with fresh and sustainable items and foreign restaurants.

This seaside village, which has some of the streets lined with restaurants, stores, and basic hotels, has positively preserved the vibes of this tiny community that so many admire. It may seem like a sleepy beach town with just surfing to sell, but there’s so much more to explore. The beach surfer village, which is losing its hippie image, has just paved its main and only road, and this progress has established an accelerated growth.

This connectivity has contributed to a shift in the zone. There are more visitors, more expats, as well as more conveniences and facilities. The developments are minimal, and there are no massive beach hotels, casinos, and no generic housing developments. The unspoiled beaches, wildlife, and jungle are the essence of this region, which makes it a special part of Costa Rica.

Cost of Living

Many expats in Costa Rica spend much less money on day-to-day expenses than they do in their home countries. Transportation, medical care, utilities, food, and entertainment are all very nominally priced in Dominical. The real estate in this town, whether you rent or buy, is also more affordable. Land and new homes are accessible anywhere, at fair prices.

The government-run universal healthcare system known as Caja provides legal resident expats doctor’s visits, prescriptions, surgeries for a low monthly fee based on income. Hospitals and private treatments are also reasonable and can be balanced with the availability of insurance.

Beach destinations that are popular with tourists can expensive with regards to dinners out and grocery stores, so it is better to shop and eat out like a local. The weekly open-air farmers market available in just about every Costa Rican town or village provides the locals with fresh produce at low prices.

Things to do

A few of the beaches in the region are for sunbathing and swimming, while others are for sailing and other water activities. Surfing is the most common sport to be enjoyed in Dominical. In reality, it’s world-famous, attracting surf fans from around the world to this tiny village in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica.

Offering a variety of relaxing activities, such as beach meditation, professional massages, and scenic painting, this is the perfect spot to relax. If you’re more adventurous activities like the stand-up paddling sport far out in the sea, deep-water diving, as well as whale watching tours, are available. The village also offers a remarkable variety of excellent restaurants and surf camps and lesson providers.

The most spectacular natural parks of Costa Rica, like the National Park of Marino Ballena, Manuel Antonio National Park, Drake Bay, and the waterfalls of Nauyaca, can be reached from Dominical. Famous sports such as horseback riding, bird watching, and canoeing or white water rafting can easily be accessed in these regions.

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