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Why Choose Esterillos?|Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many surprises to excite its visitors and make living their worth it. Of all these surprises, we intend to share with you, a small town just south of Jaco, called Esterillos. You will fall in love with this gorgeous place. There are plenty of gratifying beaches surrounded by restaurants. You can walk on the smooth sand and enjoy fresh breezes blowing briskly; it can be a spiritual experience.

Esterillos Oeste is a quiet and peaceful place. Surrounded by rice fields, and with the abundance of cattle and thick rainforests, the city has its charm. Expats are coming from around the world, and you will have opportunities for exchanging culture and get to know other people.

Cost of living:

It is always a concern for expats to optimize their expenditures while living in a new place and make the most of their money and time. This guide will assist you in estimating the cost of living in Esterillos and enjoy a sustainable living.

The expenses of food, rent, utilities, and healthcare are maintained at the lowest possible level, and the government ensures that. Here an expat can save money by opting for local food instead of big restaurants. Transportation is cheap, and you can bargain to lower the prices.

Things to do:


The greatest attraction of the town is the beach.The palm trees, fisherman sailing their boats, and surfers ready for the next big wave, the delights are discovered in every little thing there.

Keep in mind that the beach is for experienced swimmers as the waves are large. You can check out the northern end at low tide for an easier swim.

Statue of Mermaid

The Statue of Mermaid is another excellent place to visit in Esterillos Oeste. View her from the shore, or you can also walk out to La Sirena at low tide.

Horseback Riding

If you are fond of horse riding, there is good news for you because here in Esterillos Oeste you can take a horse ride that will take you through the forest to explore the wildlife and see the countryside. Even take a visit to waterfalls.


The tour seems incomplete if you do not have a good appetite. Esterillos Oeste has plenty of restaurants offering delicious cuisines. Some of the restaurants are El Patio, Rancho Coral, and Soda Margarita.


Playa Esterillos Oeste, as mentioned above, is a famous beach for surfing. It is the most common of the beaches of Esterillos but is usually not too busy. Experienced surfers come here to have a break at the beach, but it’s also a good place for beginners. There are many surf shops in town selling lessons and boards for sale and rent.

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