Sunday, April 14

Oh Yes! The Many Flavors of Belize

The many flavors of Belize
Beans & Rice

When I think of Belizean cuisine, I think fresh and eclectic. Being a country of many cultures, Belizeans have created a national menu of foods, which have roots in many parts of the world. Here we look at the many flavors of Belize. See our About Belize|Where to Live page for more information on the many cultures of Belize


These international roots for the many flavors of Belize have combined to create foods that may be similar to what you know, but with a definite Belize touch. Even the staple of beans and rice have certain savory flavors that make them stand apart. From Fry Jacks to Cow Foot soup, we made the following list with recipes for your enjoyment.

Last but not least, Seafood

Other than the ceviche recipe below we have understated the great seafood of Belize. This is a place where you can still witness people diving for lobster, catching fish and carrying them directly to the local restaurants for sale. From the ocean to your plate, you’ll find the freshest lobster, fish, conch and shrimp in the world. Enjoy the many flavors of Belize.

Typical Foods of Belize with Recipes

Rice & Beans|Belize Style

Belizean Fry Jacks



Cow Foot Soup

Chimole (Black Soup)

Boil Up

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