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Why Choose Playa Flamingo?|Living in Costa Rica

Home to one of Costa Rica’s most popular beaches, it’s no wonder more people are considering making Playa Flamingo their home. With pristine blue waters, lagoons, soft white sand, and bountiful natural scenery, Playa Flamingo is an oasis for anyone who enjoys the sun, sand and surf. However beyond the landscape, this region of Costa Rica has a lot to offer. The combination of secluded beaches, luxurious villas and ocean-front homes, and a robust expat community makes Playa Flamingo one of the best areas to relocate within Costa Rica.

Located on the northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Playa Flamingo is in the middle of the “Gold Coast” and is known as the crown jewel of the area. It’s conveniently located about 45-minutes from the international airport in Liberia. Playa Flamingo itself is nestled between Potrero Bay and Brasilito Bay, and offers a mix of activities for locals and visitors to enjoy such as snorkeling, sport fishing, sunbathing, exploring, and catching the most picturesque sunsets with a cocktail in hand. Talk about a perfect way to end a beautiful day in paradise!

Cost of Living

The white sand beaches draw many to this area. That combined with the relatively small land mass to develop on makes Playa Flamingo a lucrative, luxurious and private oasis for people to make home. However, you will find your fair share of pricey real estate with private villas and ocean-front property. However, there are still plenty of affordable and gorgeous options out there without breaking the bank or sacrificing a beautiful view. You can find a beautiful ocean-front condo in Playa Flamingo starting in the $200,000 range and rent ranges from $800 – $1,800 a month depending on the layout and the closeness to the city center or beaches.

Things to Do

If the views and beaches don’t have you convinced, then check out some of the activities you can experience, right in your own backyard, when you call Costa Rica your next home.

Go Fishing

Playa Flamingo has world-class marinas and sport fishing that will give any fisherman a thrill of a lifetime. Head out into the Pacific’s gorgeous waters to take a shot at catching some game fish such as marlins, sailfish, and even a yellow-fin tuna.

Take a Swing at Golf

The area surrounding Playa Flamingo is home to two spectacular golf courses, the Reserva Conchal Golf Club and the Golf Course at Hacienda Pinilla. Both courses have had a fantastic A-list celebrity and athlete line up over the years and offer stunning ocean views along the course.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Set sail from Flamingo and experience marine life underwater like never before. A popular destination for scuba diving from Flamingo is an archipelago, a small group of islands, called Catalina Islands where it’s very common to see giant manta rays and colorful fish along your swim.

Win Big at the Casinos

There are several hotels, resorts and casinos that dot the beaches of Playa Flamingo. Try your luck at a hand of poker or take a spin on the roulette wheel.

Enjoy Nature

 At the end of the day, Playa Flamingo is one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and should be appreciated. Whether you’re sitting on the beach, going for a walk, or just observing the soft repetitive ocean waves from a beach-side restaurant or hotel, the area is full of endless beauty that makes for a beautiful afternoon.

Playa Flamingo is a town that has it all – pure natural beauty and modern conveniences. You’ll find a combination of luxurious multi-million villas as well as affordable urban condos with beach views, making it a perfect blend of lifestyles and people. With a vibrant expat community and a bustling local community, you’ll get a taste of local culture as well as find a group of people who have a similar background and speak the same language. Whether you’re looking for a quiet beach life, a bustling town with plenty of local flavor, or a luxurious destination to call home, Playa Flamingo is truly the “crown jewel” of the Costa Rican Gold Coast and is the perfect place to set down roots no matter what stage of life you’re entering. 

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