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Why Choose Jaco Beach?|Living in Costa Rica

Imagine a lush green, aesthetically pleasing rainforest, high temperatures with marvelous sandy beaches, the food you desire, and numerous activities. If you’re looking for all this, Jaco beach is one of the finest places where you belong.

Costa Rica’s playground, Jaco beach, located in the Central Pacific Coast, is home to roughly 10,000 residents hidden in the lush greenery provided by mountain forests. With it being close enough to the city, San Jose to make it a popular spot for people to spend a relaxing weekend.

Cost of living:

If you’re anexpat and living abroad is expensive, then consider Costa Rica’s stunning resort city for a lower cost living in Jaco. Most Costa Rican expats will tell you the day-to-day living costs are higher in their native countries. It is a tourist area, so you may trade some cost for larger nightlife.

For a single expat, the expense is nominal. You can easily consult a doctor for 20 to 50 dollars. Have all the fresh produce, utilities, property, health care insurance at a reasonable price. For a couple, the cost is more, but with a little budgeting, a couple could easily live there for short-term or long-term purposes.

Things to Do:

Jaco Jungle Adventures

Experience a trip into the lush green forests of Jaco. The trip is filled with adventure and sport.  Expect a horseback ride, zip-lining, ATV riding in the Costa Rican jungle with a local guide with you, or you could take the community members to enjoy an adventurous day out.

Visit the Bijagual Waterfall

When visiting the mountainous region, expect to be an eyewitness to the beautiful Bijagual waterfall. Standing at the height of 590-foot, enjoy the muddy ride and watch out for monkeys, frogs, sloths, and many more wild creatures inhabiting the forest.


Sportfishing in Jaco is a very common and famous activity to enjoy. The fishing boats leave their hub, Marriott Marina, with passengers atop to chase the different types of fish.

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