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Why Choose Las Peñitas?|Living in Nicaragua

Las Peñitas, Nicaragua is located on the north-western coast of Nicaragua. It is primarily a fishing village having a tourist beach community. It is only two hours’ drive away from the capital city of Managua. The city lies with the Nicaragua municipality, Leon, and has become a famous travel destination. One can find many hotels at the beaches which cater to an enormous influx of backpackers, surfers, and expats during vacation season.

The beauty here is astonishing and bewildering. Las Peñitas, Nicaragua offers many attractions to the visitors such as volcano boarding experience at Negro volcano, surf lessons at the exquisite beaches and boat trips to quaint nature views. There are also specific times of the year where visitors can visit turtle hatchery located on the Isla Juan Venado. People can watch the sunset, view the birds, and enjoy an amazing time here while sitting and relaxing among the sandy beaches.

Cost of Living

If you are looking for a comfortableexpat life after retirement or working abroad, while enjoying beach tranquillity in a quiet and nice village then, Las Peñitas could be your first pick. Here you can live a good quality of living within a limited budget. It is a relatively inexpensive place, developing at a rapid pace. The living commodities here are priced much lower as compared to other areas with the same landscape, such as Costa Rica.  The local economy in Las Peñitas is driven mainly by fishing, kayaking, and tourism.

The local fishermen can cater to your fishing hobby in a very reasonable budget. There are empty scenic beaches to enjoy walking or surfing. Overall, you can have an exciting and relaxing experience here without overburdening your wallet. Expect rentals around $500 a month and up, depending on the habitation.

Things to Do

Las Peñitas Surf

One of the greatest tourist attractions in Las Peñitas is the quality of waves at its beaches, which makes it best for a serene surfing trip. The calm waves are perfect for first-time surfers. So, you will see many fellow surfers here trying to rejuvenate their surf experience, taking surfing lessons and playing with the waves.

Horse Riding

Las Peñitas is a little paradise, and you will see many four-legged friends here. Most of the animal kingdom consists of horses that are available for rent. The horse owners are available to guide you for horse riding along the shores and sandy beaches.

Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado

The trip to Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado is once in a lifetime kind of experience. Especially if children accompany you, they will be fascinated. You can take a trip to the mangroves and see cute turtles. And if you are lucky enough, you can see live turtle hatching too!

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

It is quite a thrilling trip where you can hike up an active volcano and then sled down. Isn’t it amazing? However, you will need to take a bus to the Cerro Negro volcano, but the experience is worth it.

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