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Why Choose Manuel Antonio – Quepos?|Living in Costa Rica

The city of Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the best attractions in Costa Rica. The rich biodiversity, coupled with unique activities, makes this place haven for tourists and expats. This place has something to offer everyone who thinks about living abroad. Your life, spent in this place will be filled with excellent days and nights. The longer you stay here, the more surprises will unfold, that is why exploring Manuel Antonio and Quepos is not a mere tour, it is a lifelong experience.

Words cannot do this place justice. Therefore, you need to go learn about the area around Quipos and Manuel Antono, and believe us, it is worth it.

The prime destination of this area is Manuel Antonio, National Park. One can imagine small intimate hotels built artistically into a rainforest hillside attracting the world’s tourists. Manuel Antonio National Park has three stunning beaches, forest trails, and wildlife. Also, Forbes declared it the world’s most beautiful park in 2011.

Cost of living

The government wants to promote tourism in this area, and they have taken significant measures to gain visitors, short term and long term from around the world. The cost of living is not high. Food, transportation, utilities, and healthcare are cheaper, which ensures sustainable living.

Good transportation practices can also save you a healthy amount of money, such as travel at times when tickets are available at a reduced cost, preferring local food over dining at expensive restaurants, etc.

Things to do


Trails in dense forests are notable for hiking. Grab good shoes and trousers along with good stamina and go out for hiking the track. The fresh air of the jungle with a pleasant smell around the mountains will give the most refreshing and exotic experience.


Reach out for wildlife in the forest and explore nature. The forests abound with every creature imaginable.


There is a 30-minute walk to both main beaches, Espadilla Sur Beach and Manuel Antonio Beach, inside the park. Playa Manuel Antonio is better known for its breathtaking views, but you can proceed a little further down the main road to Playa Espadilla Sur if you are trying to conquer the crowds. Manuel Antonio Beaches have charming beaches and beautiful, bright sunsets. The beaches of light sand in the coastal park are popular to relax, swim, snorkel, and surf.

Cruising on the ocean

Take a sunset cruise or snorkeling trips on the ocean. The visibility in this area is not the ideal route to snorkel, but it does offer a great way to have fun with its magnificent views over the coast and possibly wildlife. Manuel Antonio has several catamaran companies, each providing catering for various tourists.

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