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Why Choose Matagalpa?|Living in Nicaragua

Matagalpa is one of the largest cities in Nicaragua, Central America. It is a city full of natural beauty and is dubbed, “Pearl of the North.” Some people also call it “Land of the Eternal Spring.”  The city is blessed by picturesque views – nearby mountains are surrounding the city neighbourhoods, and the coffee plantations on the hillside are themselves mesmerizing. Overall, Matagalpa is the fourth largest city in the country and is also a center of commercial activity. You are going to find a lot of things to do in Matagalpa.

Matagalpa has been a popular attraction, especially among ecotourists- the city is shadowed by mountains, and various tourist resorts are welcoming to vacationers such as Aranjuez, Selva Negra Mountain Resort, and Santa Maria de Ostuma. Matagalpa promises pleasant vibes to its residents. The locals here are delighted to host visitors. You will find young and friendly people in Matagalpa, offering you a comfortable environment. It is a great place to explore urban base and countryside lifestyle. There is a myriad of activities to keep you engaged and fascinated – you can hike through the forests amid gushing waterfalls, listen to the poets under the moonlight, or explore the coffee hillsides. So, you will never be out of things to do in Matagalpa.

A large portion of Matagalpa’s economy comes from eco-tourism. Hence, a great focus is dedicated to enhancing excursion sites. One of the worth mentioning sites in this regard is Selva Negra Wildlife Refuge that is spread over almost 300 acres of land, and the entire area is conserved for growing diverse plantations. In addition to tourism, the city also exports beef, cheese, cocoa, coffee, onions, and various fruits and vegetables.

Cost of Living

Matagalpa is a gem of a city in terms of affordable living costs – it is a low budget expat haven nestled in nature. It is a developed city, and one can find all daily life accessories here easily. There are supermarkets, fashion stores, restaurants, hardware stores, private clinics, and much more. Moreover, the roads are excellent.  Since the city is self-sufficient in producing many vegetables and fruits, the cost of food is low here.  Another advantage is that the climatic conditions here are very mild and cool. As the city has many pristine lakes and rivers, the overall temperature is moderate, and one hardly needs air conditioning – so no more hefty electric bills. Expect long term rentals to start around $600 a month.

Things to Do

Casa Museo Comandante Carlos Fonseca

The museum is worth a visit – it is an interesting museum that depicts the live style of Commander Carlos Fonseca. The Commander grew up with his single mother in a desperately poor neighbourhood, and the museum shows how his life evolved as a highly charismatic leader from his unfortunate childhood until his death.

The St. Peter Cathedral

The St. Peter Cathedral is an iconic religious building with a Baroque-style structure. It was established in 1874. The church has a simple and impressive white building surrounded by the best cafes in town.

Mirador El Calvario

Mirador El Calvario is the best place to have an amazing view of Matagalpa city. It is mesmerizing at sunset. You can come here to take a quaint look of the entire city and enjoy its magnificent landscapes.  

Cerro Appante

If you want a good hike and best views around Matagalpa, you can hike up to this viewpoint.  The hike is rewarding as you will be able to see beautiful birds, lovely orchids, and howler monkeys as well. You can go beyond the mirador and trail through the coffee plantations.

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