Sunday, April 14

Orange Walk District

Orange Walk District- We find ourselves to the south of the Mexican border and north of the Cayo district. Once, mainly a logging area, sugar cane became the crop of choice after the caste wars in Mexico during the 19th century forced many Yucatec Maya to emigrate to the area where once settled added to the many peoples of Belize history Orange Walk Town is the capital city of the district also known as Sugar City

Housing– Rent in Orange walk can range from $500 and up depending on your needs. Expect to pay around $1000 on average.

Cost of living– The cost of living is similar to the Cayo district, due to its inland location

Things to do– When you are not enjoying the excellent local cuisine, a day trip to the ancient Mayan city of Lamanai may be in order. or maybe a visit to Honey Camp Lagoon or La Milpa Archeological Reserve might peak your interest See More

Bottom line-You’ll find Orange Walk more laid back and less touristy than coastal towns. For some that is exactly what they are looking for. Unless you must live on the beach, be sure and visit this area. The more simple life can be attractive

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