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Why Choose Puerto Viejo?|Living in Costa Rica

If you have been considering living the lifestyle of a digital nomad or retiree and are wondering where a great place to live is, then you should definitely consider Playa Viejo, Costa Rica. The place is beautiful and offers a relaxed vibe. You can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle here and still be able to earn money while being a digital nomad, expat retiree or entrepreneur. Playa Viejo has fewer tourists, so it you want to enjoy the privacy and seclusion here, it is the place for you. If you are looking for a more touristy area to live , you may look elsewhere.

Cost of Living

Living in Puerto Viejo has the advantage in living a more simple an inexpensive life. Whether retired or living and working in this picturesque town, the cost of living in Puerto Viejo, will run you about $2500 a month total if renting and less if you own your own home. Rent can fall anywhere from $500 up to around $1200 on average. You can expect food, utilities and entertainment to be about 30% less than places in the States, Canada or Europe. The trick is to buy local and try not to import if you can help it.

Things to Do

Enjoy Nature

Those looking for adventure, that is real and vivacious, while being able to be in a terrific, exotic place that will permit you to work on your own terms, then you will truly enjoy the adventures that are offered by Playa Viejo in Costa Rica. There are many beaches in the region, which provide you with the opportunity for much exploration and enjoyment. Make it a habit to go to a different beach each time until you have had the opportunity to enjoy them all. Sit on the beach and do your work while overlooking the beautiful shoreline and ocean.

You will enjoy the antics of the dolphins as they play in the ocean. You will be mesmerized by many bright colorful butterflies that are astoundingly beautiful.Then there are collared peccaries, having noses that are long and pointed that remind one of a javelin. They look something like a furry pig mixed with a raccoon.

Enjoy a Less Stressful Life

Playa Viejo offers a slower pace of life and more seclusion away from the busyness of the big cities of other bustling regions of the world. You can enjoy some wonderful surfing, or boat rides to explore the exquisite scenery that is amazingly captivating. You will feel like you are in the heart of the Amazon.

Be mindful that this place is not home to a wide assortment of fancy resorts. You must have more of an avid love of nature. Maybe you will rent a small home that is surrounded by a lot of nature. Enjoy watching the monkeys swing in the trees while you enjoy a meal on your patio. Listen to the many chirping exotic birds. Let yourself soak in the beauty and relaxation that the place offers. This place will inspire you to do some of your best work as a digital nomad.

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