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Why Choose Samara?|Living in Costa Rica

Samara is an overlooked town by tourists and sightseers in Costa Rica. It doesn’t exactly call out to history lovers, but it sure does have a beautiful and attractive beach site to offer. During the summers, the beach is crowded by locals and expats. An eye that seeks something out of the ordinary, will find plentiful things to love about this city.

Samara is not short of sights to see and things to do.Samara’s main attraction is its beaches and beautiful downtown. The downtown is full of tour guides, boutiques, antique shops, restaurants, and other small hotels, but nothing beats the sight of wildlife and nature surrounding the tropical beach. Expatswill find dry and flourishing forest surrounding the town and beaches.

Cost of living

Expatsliving n Samara will see moderate costs on a monthly budget. For under $1,800, an expat can easily live for a month within this great community. This rough estimate cost includes everything from rent (depending on the house of course), household bills, yoga, surfing lessons and groceries. Throw in a little more for tours and dining’s out.

Expect a three-course meal for a couple in an inexpensive restaurant for around $17. If you want a fresh fruit smoothie, then that will be just in $1. All these factors provide a great living and structure your expenditures to a minimum while still enjoying some nice treats for yourself.

Things to Do

Visit the Beaches

The main Playa Samara beach is popular due to coral reefs near shoreside, keeping waves lower, making it a great beach to enjoy all water sports and to have a swim in the water.

Make sure to witness the other beautiful beaches, Playa Carrillo and Playa Barrigona, and watch the sunset the sky mixes with captivating colors.

Learn to Surf

Things to do in Samara in your bucket list should include surfing. Playa Samara’s small waves allow its swimmers to learn to surf easily. The surfing companies line up the shoreline with costs ranging from $60 to higher depending on the group you choose to surf with, whether it is one on one or a group of surfers with coaches.

The surf companies will provide all the equipment needed for the learners, along with some photography, to capture your best moments in one picture.

Snorkeling and Diving into the Clear Bluish-Green Water

Diving in the beautiful deep coral-filled sea and looking at snappers, white-tip reef sharks, and other water creatures is another experience one should not miss.

Samara provides its hosts some sites for diving and engaging in snorkeling. The tour companies also arrange kayaking along with snorkeling for as little as $50 per person for 5 hours.

Pay a Visit to the Beautiful Macaw Center

The Macaw Breeding Center is not a wildfire rehabilitation center but a private organization that is increasing the population of these endangered scarlets and great green macaw parrots.

The organization breeds the parrots and allows them fly freely; they come back to the ground to be fed. The tours are under $100 but totally worth visiting the beautiful creatures and witness their sanctuary.

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Samara is a beach town that has yet caught on large with tourists, mainly due to better surfing in other areas, which has become a past time in Costa Rica. This has helped keep costs down and provided a nice beach spot for digital nomads and retirees to live who aren’t looking to catch “the big one.”

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