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Why Choose Santa Fe?|Living in Panama

Working is one of the best experiences that one can do remotely. With the best environmental condition and fresh air, you can efficiently finish all your work on time and even get to see most of the fantastic things in the area. Getting the best location is an aim for many, and if you know Santa Fe, Panama, you would have to agree, it is one of those places. Entering into Panama is straightforward, as the country has some of the easiest and open immigration policies for anyone willing to visit. The country allows anyone with a passport to receive a six-month stay in the area.

The Food of Santa Fe

Getting the best food while working abroad is one of the critical issues to a conducive stay. There are multiple avenues to obtain fresh foods that usually comes from the area. Vegetables, fruits, and seafood are generally cheap since they are entirely grown in the area. If you are not capable or interested in preparing your meal, there are plenty of restaurants in the area. There you can get a lovely meal and drink from $10-$30, depending on the restaurant of your choice.

Cost of Living:

If you are looking forward to enjoying working or living in retirement, in an area with low pricing, while at the same time enjoying yourself, Santa Fe, Panama is your place. The Cost of living in Santa Fe is meager when it comes to housing, medical care and food compared to the U.S. or Canada. Keeping that in mind, services in Panama can be of good quality for the money spent.

Things to do:

Hiking in Santa Fe

In Santa Fe, Panama, one of the most considerable activities you can enjoy is hiking. Since the city is in a mountainous area, located close to the wondrous Santa Fe National Park, you will find delightful and different hikes to enjoy in the natural beauty of the jungle areas.

Horseback Riding in Santa Fe

If you are not a fan of hiking you can opt for horseback riding, which is very popular in the area. By doing this, you will have access to the more remote areas surrounding the town.

Coffee Tours in Santa Fe

Another awesome thing to do in the town is to take a coffee tour. Since the area is rich in volcanic soil, multiple plants grow in the area. Coffee is grown on a large scale in the area and tours are available for your visit. You will get to enjoy how they plant, cultivate, harvest and process the beans. The best part is to drink the coffee at its freshest.

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Final Thoughts

 If you are considering the best place to efficiently work remotely and enjoy life at the same time, think of Santa Fe, Panama. More, so, the area is open and caters to anyone who works online. While here, enjoy some of the freshest foods in the world. Visit Santa Fe, Panama, and experience an environment you will always remember.

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