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Why Choose Santa Marta?|Living in Colombia

The oldest town in the region, Santa Marta, Colombia, is surrounded by beautiful beaches and the stunning mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range. It was founded in 1525 by Spanish conquistadors, but much of its colonial history has been lost through the years by British and Dutch pirates.  Even though they are a little rough around the edges, there are still nice squares, old churches, and tree-lined streets in the ambient city.

Santa Marta is one of the most popular holiday spots in Colombia for people to unwind, relax, and have fun.  Santa Marta travel is mainly to appreciate the water, the heat, the rum, and the warm Caribbean breeze.

As an expat, this is a city where you can find anything you like, if you can deal with the sun. Santa Marta, Colombia, is also host to a variety of stores, including shopping malls and small boutiques, banks, supermarkets, grocery store chains, medical services, and provides a generally active lifestyle.

Cost of living

You can easily tackle the Santa Marta’s cost of living can by adjusting your lifestyle.  Opting to stay in a high-rise apartment on the beach or in a cozy coastal bungalow, choosing to dine out a few days a week or appreciating your cooking abilities, or the choice between shopping in luxury malls or purchasing from nearby stores all depends on your budget.

The cost of living in Santa Marta is relatively lower than that of the U.S. coastal cities like Miami or Fort Lauderdale. If you’re traveling from a cold-weather area, Santa Marta‚Äôs average cost of living is lower as compared to places like Boston or Chicago.

Things to Do

Unwind at Playa Blanca

Situated on the other side of a headland, Playa Blanca is just a short trip from the city through a ferry. This beautiful beach is lined with several local restaurants and manages to feel miles away from the big city and is perfect for a day of relaxation.

Tayrona National Park

Situated by the Caribbean Sea, the stunning Tayrona National Park comprises up of the best beaches in all South America. With its lush jungle surroundings, white sand and the blue waters that the park is famous for, it is a must in the Santa Marta travel list.

Go Scuba diving

A tiny fishing village on the boundary with Tayrona National Park is visited for its relaxed, small-town vibe. People come here to learn how to scuba dive on one of the most cost-effective PADI courses on the continent.

Trek to the Lost City

Ciudad Perdida is a magnificent ancestral citadel predating the Inca. It is a stunning sight to behold amid this tropical jungle terrain. A visit to this archeological site involves a four-to five-day trek over unforgiving land.

Visit the Museo del Oro

Museo del Oro or the gold museum is a collection of Pottery and gold jewelry from the ancestral and colonial past of the region. It is all located in a grand building known locally as the Customs House.

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