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Why Choose Tamarindo?|Living in Costa Rica

The town in Costa Rica, Tamarindo, is in the Nicoya Peninsula of the Guanacaste region. It’s an expat’s dream of a small town with cheap eateries, and squeezed fresh juice for morning breakfast. Moreover, with a pleasant climate and inexpensive medical care, it’s a great place for taking a dive in the ocean with a beautiful beach in front of you. Tamarindo could be the place for your next stay.

Living abroad can be expensive when you’re on a low budget, but this Costa Ricantown inhabits many digital nomads and retireesbecause of its sustainable living.

Cost of living:

This modern beach destination is a tourist hotspot. Comparing this destination to other coastal destinations is that it offers a low cost of living in Tamarindo for people from all over the world.

An expat couple can live there with a monthly budget ranging from $2000 to $3000. There has been some increases an Americanized system, but still very affordable.  

Your monthly expenditure involves all the amenities one could need. Imported goods and electricity are the two variable which cost the most. The prices vary, especially if you want  housing near the beach. So, this is something you can choose according to your budget. This budget includes:

  • Housing cost
  • Utilities
  • Cell phone charges
  • Health care
  • Grocery expense
  • Dining out

In addition to all this, you can still easily save money for your personal use. Your budget could also increase depending on the health insurance you choose, whether it is private or the Caja public health insurance.

Things to do:

Living abroad can make you homesick but engaging yourself in adventures and outdoor activities are the antidote. Being famous for its surf breaks, Tamarindo offers a lot of inexpensive and fun activities.

Learn to Surf

Staying in Tamarindo and not surfing? It’s not possible. The beautiful beach provides consistent waves, which makes it easy, even for beginners to learn surfing. Many local shops provide surfboards on rental and can give you lessons.

Visit Turtle Beach

Make sure you pay a visit to where the leatherback turtles are nested on the Playa Grande beach. The nest is also a part of the Las Baulas National Park, where the turtles migrate through mid-October to mid-February and lay their eggs on the sandy beach. The national park also offers nighttime turtle tours with specialized guides for travelers and locals.

Enjoy a Sailing Trip

Enjoy a sunset sailing tour on the Pacific coast with great snorkeling conditions in the morning time. If you’re sailing at the right time of the year, you can find dolphins, turtles maybe even whales; otherwise, the open ocean with an ethereal sunset is no less picturesque and magnificent.

Other activities are easily accessible and cheap too, like:

  • Visiting the Monkey Park Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Experiencing mind-blowing sunsets on different beautiful beaches
  • Experiencing Zip lining
  • Roaring through the forests on an ATV
  • Hiking and exploring nearby mountains
  • Visiting local bars and enjoying the nightlife

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