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Why Choose Uvita?|Living in Costa Rica

Exploring beautiful places on earth is always a delightful experience, but sometimes we prefer fewer crowds, deserted beaches, and dense green forests. Buckle up for touring Uvita, in Costa Rica’s South Pacific area for leisure and peace.

This place is full of breath-taking views and adorable sites. There are waterfalls, rivers, and beaches nestled in the surrounding jungles. You can also enjoy looking at whales and dolphins dancing in the ocean.

Cost of living

Uvita is not only famous for its beauty but also for its sustainable living. It is more affordable than many similar destinations in the world and rent can be meager.

Food, healthcare, and utilities are also very affordable costs. We recommended transportation to be used at specific slots when tickets are available at reduced prices. And once again you should enjoy local foods that are tastier and cheaper than large restaurants.

Things to do in Uvita

Our list will assist you in making a map in your mind to make the most of your visit and will convince you why it is the best choice for living:

  • Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is just a boat ride away from Uvita. It is one of the most biologically diverse spots in the world. If you are fond of wildlife then head towards San Pedrillo Ranger Station, which is a day trip from Uvita, there you will hike for an hour and enjoy the waterfall.

There are birds such as toucans, and tapirs, along with monkeys to spend your time with. Explore the dense jungle and watch fabulous wildlife.

  • SUP/Kayak

Now Uvita has something dauntless to offer; it is SUP/Kayak, a prevalent activity here. It offers a fantastic experience, somewhere between a kayak and a surfboard, you can spend hours exploring and fishing.

  • Resting at Playa Uvita

You can also stay on the beach and enjoy the many of restaurant. Enjoy local delights and street sodas and head towards cozy bars to wind down your day. There is always something fun hidden for you to do in Uvita.

  • Sierpe mangrove

Take a trip to the Sierpe mangrove, which is close to Uvita. There you can see various thrilling wildlife. You can take a boat trip to watch these beautiful inhabitants of the jungle and learn about that habitat.

The number and range of birds increase considerably, as the south is warmer and more populated than the north. You will find birds that are common in this region with beautiful color and fascinating calls.

  • Waterfalls

There are plenty of waterfalls in this area. Watching falling water gives a unique experience. You can spend hours glaring at falling water, while never feeling the passage of time. This is something we cannot describe through words. Nauyaca Waterfalls is the biggest in the area, and there are more. Enjoy swimming at the falls, and if you are brave enough, jump off!

  • Scuba diving 

Marine life is the vastest life and, on the planet, and when it comes to beauty, they never cease to amaze. Grab a suit and jump off the boat deep into the water at Caño Island. The island is well known for its pre-Colombian artifacts, and many biologists investigate the corals that live there.

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In summary, Uvita is a beautiful town in Costa Rica, with abundant gifts to offer expats. It is calm, less crowded, and peaceful. Tourists visiting from around the world are surprised by the diversity of wildlife. There are exotic places and plenty of activities to perform. Waterfalls are in abundance, where visitors can swim and slide. The beaches are less crowded, and restaurants have delicious foods to offer. Activities like snorkeling and scuba diving attract tourists for adventures. Head towards this fantastic place and appreciate the beauty.

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