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What are the Residency Program Options for Colombia?

Expat retirees love Colombia country because the living standards are good, and the lifestyle is manageable. Groceries are cheap and produce is fresh and organic. Besides that, the healthcare system is good, and this is enhanced by a good transport network. So, what are some aspects of retirement and residency programs for ex-pats who want to live in this country?

Residency and Retirement Programs in Colombia

Colombia has one of the best retirement residency visas for expat retirees. It’s designed for people who earn a good amount of income but don’t want to stay in their own countries. Applicants need to have a moderate and consistent income. It should be noted that only a few documents are needed, and anyone can apply for the program


  • A copy of the first page of your passport
  • Medical statement
  • Two passport-style face photos
  • Expat retirees need a minimum income of $700 monthly from their pension or social security

Note: you can apply for citizenship after 5 years to eliminate the tedious renewal process

The Residency Application Process

The residency process is quite easy and straight forward. You can submit the applications by yourself. Alternatively, you can get a “power of the attorney” document. This will allow for easier and quick facilitation of your visa.

The retirement residency visa program was initially known as the TP-7 visa. It needed to be renewed annually. However, it was changed to a Migrant visa (M-11 visa). Therefore, it needs to be renewed after every three years. However, it can still be granted for a year depending on your health insurance coverage. M-11 retirement visa costs around $285.

The validity of this residency visa will expire if the holder leaves Colombia for more than 6 months without returning. For safety, the holder should return frequently i.e. they can visit Columbia twice within twelve months.

How Long Does it Take to Get Residence Visa in Colombia?

The time frame ranges between two weeks and a month or so. Some people even get it less than two days. The most important thing is to have the right documents. This country has one of the fastest approval systems.