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What Does Pura Vida Mean In Costa Rica?

Pura Vida

Living The Pure Life!

Pura Vida. What is it? What does it mean? Why does everyone who is living in or from Costa Rica say it so much? 

Well anyone who learned at least a little bit of Spanish at some point in their life could likely tell you that it directly translates as “Pure life” 

Pure life? Why is that so special? Two simple words, can it really mean something deeper? How much could it possibly represent?

Well, to start, it is an excellent way to describe Costa Rican culture. The laid-back and easy-going lifestyle is evident everywhere you go in the small Central American city. 

It seems as if there is no one who carries any stress with them here. Everyone is living a carefree life. 

The surfers riding the strong and steady waves on the Pacific Coast are enjoying the pure life. Finding the balance of power between the ocean and man leads to absolute zen as the waves carry you forward. That’s Pura Vida. 

The fishermen reeling in the catch of a lifetime, enjoying the catch as the ocean provides food for their families. That’s Pura Vida.

Living Pura Vida

The yogi enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach or the birds in the jungle as they do their daily yoga routine. That’s Pura Vida. 

The look on the face of the kid who just scored his first goal or hit his first home run. That’s Pura Vida.

The Abuela working all day in the kitchen and then seeing her grandchildren in absolute heaven as they devour another one of her flawless meals. That’s Pura Vida. 

Riding down a zipline in the jungle, flying through the treetops just like the carefree birds, breathing the fresh air. That’s Pura Vida. 

Listening to the sounds of Caribbean music float through the air with a cold drink in your hand and not a worry in the world. That’s Pura Vida.

Laying in the sand reading a good book while the waves crash and serenade you while the ocean breeze cools your skin from the heat of the sun. That’s Pura Vida. 

Drinking a cold beer on the beach as the sun dips below the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. That’s Pura Vida. 

Exploring the seemingly endless jungles, hiking down trails surrounded by monkeys, iguanas, birds, trees, and countless other creatures. That’s Pura Vida. 

New parents seeing their new baby for the first time and realizing that their life is going to change forever. That’s Pura Vida. 

Not getting that job promotion, accidentally breaking your favorite coffee mug, oversleeping, and missing your flight. Well, that’s just life, things happen, and it most definitely is, Pura Vida. 

There is no one way to use the term, no right way, no wrong way, it means different things to different people and it is as diverse and unique as Costa Rica itself. So whether you are living in Costa Rica, vacationing there, traveling as a digital nomad, or just simply passing through, you are sure to hear, and likely use “Pura Vida” more than a few times. 

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