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Life As A Digital Nomad In Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Living and Working in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads. Ranking as the 32nd most peaceful country in the world and the #1 most peaceful country in all of Latin America according to the Global Peace Index, Costa Rica offers a level of security and safety that puts travelers at ease. 

With everything from the bustling streets of San Jose to hidden villages in the jungle to countless laidback lazy beach towns on both the Caribbean sea or the Pacific ocean, Costa Rica offers a little bit of something for everyone.  Follow along as we explore life as a digital nomad in Costa Rica.

Travel Requirements 

Citizens from the United States and Canada do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica and can stay for 90 days as a tourist. A quick trip to Nicaragua or Panama can “reset” your 90 days. Like many countries in Latin America, work visas are hard to come by for foreigners. Luckily, most digital nomads bring their work with them as they travel so finding work in Central America shouldn’t be a problem. 

Getting Around

Costa Rica is a fairly small country with fairly rugged terrain. As a result, bus and taxi transportation is the best option for those without their own vehicle. As expected, buses are considerably cheaper but a bit less comfortable. If saving money is your goal and you can deal with the crowds, a bus can take you wherever you need to go for a reasonable price. Uber is available in some bigger cities like San Jose, Jaco, Quepos, La Fortuna, and Guanacaste.

Staying Connected

Internet speed and coverage is not one of the strengths of Costa Rica, but it is getting better. The traditional cafe wifi situation that we are used to is basically nonexistent here. Public Wi-Fi and workspaces are still not common but can be found in San Jose and a few other cities. 

Sim cards are easy to come by from providers such as Claro, Movistar, and the government-operated Kolbi, but especially in more remote locations, they will not all have reception. Do your research to see which provider is the best option for where you plan to stay in Costa Rica.

Things To Do For Digital Nomads

No matter which part of the country you choose, there is no shortage of activities to do. The ecotourism industry is one of the best in the world; nature lovers will be right at home in Costa Rica’. The beaches offer world class surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and more. Food lovers will be enamored with the fresh food on every corner. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be found easily. 

Food Costa Rica

You’ll Enjoy the Food

Traditional Costa Rican food is going to be the cheapest option in restaurants here. With the large amount of new immigrants coming to Costa Rica in the last few decades, there is now a much larger variety of restaurants as people bring the food from their homes with them. Of course, as with any Latin American country, there is no shortage of bars to enjoy and beers to drink, especially as the craft beer scene grows in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica is an excellent option for digital nomads. Although it is not the most affordable of the Central American countries, it is the safest, one of the most progressive, the most eco-friendly, and arguably one of the most beautiful options. Put Costa Rica on your list and come experience the Pura Vida!

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